Our Members

The Greater Tiverton Community Chorus is comprised of adult singers of all ages from southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Membership during the 2014/2015 season includes over 70 people from 15 communities throughout the area who have all come together to share their love of singing!

Our spring roster includes:





Beth Armstrong

Katherine Blythe-Redlich

Lucy Chase

Sue Cory

M.J. Downing

Donna French

Lavinia Gadsden

Jamie German

Ginny Greenwood

Cecile Jones

Mary Ellen Kennedy

Sally Ann Ledbetter

Pauline Lima

Sally Lockhart

Joanne Maxwell-Barbarito

Karen O’Hara

Lindelle O’Keefe

Susan Rood

Suzanne Rosevear

Deborah Ross

Jo-Ann Souza

Jan Stewart

Nancy Szenher

Joyce Westcott

Janet Wiggin

Melissa Woolverton

Ann Berglund


Barbara Brewer

Nancy Brownlee

Terry DeLomba

Willow Dowling

Carol Duby

Kathy Fitzpatrick

Sayra Flynn

Leila Gillespie

Denise Harris

Jeanne Harris

Trintje Jansen

Kay Lisle

Wendy Merriman

Nicole Osborne-Despres

Nancy Papagno

Gayle Raposa

Linda Remington

Pam Rush

Kate Schmidt

Pat Semmens

Nancy Shand

Narda Snell

Jane Tannenwald

Barbara Watterson

Annie Winfield

Cindi Zembo

Angela Beavers

Buzz Brownlee

Erich Dethlefsen

David Reinke

Leslie Simonson

Rick St. Amour


Stewart Armstrong

Larry Beavers

Joshua Duarte

Jimmy Harris

Steve Kirby

Tom Schmidt

Ronald Tannenwald

William Underwood

Jim Watterson

William White