Concert Attire

Please help us look as professional as possible by cooperating with the concert dress attire.

All-  Please do not wear cologne, perfume, scented hair products, etc. as many of our members are allergic to scents.

Spring Concert 2015:

We will be wearing all black this concert semester.  Please do not wear sleeveless shirts.


Winter Concert*:

Women:  Black top with long or mid-length sleeves.  Sleeveless or short-sleeve is not acceptable.

Scarf of Christmas red may be worn in any comfortable manner.  No salmon or other off-red colors are acceptable.

Black ankle length skirts.  Calf or knee length is not acceptable.  Black flowing pants that are dressy and made of moving fabric are acceptable.  Black pants that are casual, fitted, jeans, or not made of flowing fabric are not acceptable.  Black nylons and shoes are a must.

xmas colors

Black flowing pants/Kohls

Black flowing pants/Kohls






Men:  Black dress pants, long sleeved white dress shirt, with a long, bright holiday red tie.  Black shoes and black socks only.

Spring Concert:

Women:  Long black skirts and blue colored blouse; not navy blue.  Any sleeve length is acceptable except for sleeveless.  Nylons and black shoes.








Men:  Black pants, long sleeved white dress shirt, long blue tie.   Black socks and shoes.

*This is subject to change at the discretion of the Music Director.