Community Service

The Greater Tiverton Community Chorus is proud to give back in many ways to the communities in which we live, work, and sing.  Community service has long been a hallmark of the chorus.  It has provided musical offerings for various celebrations, and since its second year has spearheaded a number of fund-raising efforts.

Chorus concerts have raised money for:

  • The liver transplant of a two-year old boy
  • A special wheelchair for the son of a chorus member
  • The Wish Come True Foundation
  • Newport County Women’s Resource Center which supports battered women
  • Hospice Outreach

Following are a few examples of additional recent community service efforts.


As the music in its spring 2014 concert series focused on the them of water, the Chorus used the opportunity to conduct a highly successful fund raising effort to support the work of the Westport River Watershed Alliance and the Nature Conservancy in Rhode Island.  Both of these organizations manage educational and other programs to ensure that those of us in the region have access to a sufficient amount of good quality water on which our lives, economy and recreation depend.  Altogether, we raised over $14,000 for this wonderful cause.

2013 Veteran Tickets Foundation

The Greater Tiverton Community Chorus is proud to donate free concert tickets to our US Military Veterans and their families through  

2013 Tiverton Library Foundation Donation

Inn order from Left to Right: Eileen Browning, Buzz Brownlee, Ann Grealish-Rust

In order from Left to Right:
Eileen Browning, Buzz Brownlee, Ann Grealish-Rust

The Greater Tiverton Community Chorus celebrated its most successful concert series this past December with The Celtic Christmas Concert performances.  Buzz Brownlee, chorus President expressed gratitude for the support Tiverton residents provide the Greater Tiverton Community Chorus.  He stated, “In response, the Chorus voted unanimously to gift the net proceeds of their Tiverton concert to the Tiverton Library Foundation for the new public library.”

On February 6, 2013, chorus Buzz presented a check for $1000 to Ann Grealish-Rust, Library Director and Eileen Browning, Foundation Chair.  Mrs. Browning said, “We are so grateful to the Chorus!  Their generosity is heartening as we enter the last stretch of the campaign – with only 5% left to raise!”  More information about the new Tiverton Library is at

2012 Hurricane Sandy Relief

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

The chorus took part in two local collections efforts to benefit the residents of Rockaway Beach section of Queens, New York which was especially hard hit by hurricane Sandy.  The first collection was of winter garments, food, diapers, and other staples.  The second included supplies to aid in the clean up including bleach, mops, buckets, and other such items.  In total, the chorus members generous filled three truckloads for transport to Rockaway Beach.  You can read more about the community effort to help during the storm at Locals Help Sandy Victims.

2010 Keyboards for Kids


What is it that makes school successful for one student and not so much for another?  For many students, there is one thing at school that speak to their heart.  It can be athletics, art, drama, literature, or computers.  But for many students, it is music.  We are often first exposed to music, all kind of music, at school.  Whether in general music class, chorus rehearsal, band practice, violin lessons, or any umber of other opportunities  we often hear music in a new way in school.  Many students are motivated to learn how to make music for themselves and school is the place most of us began to sing or to play.  For some students, music at school is what keeps them from dropping out.

As neither the Westport, MA nor Tiverton, RI public schools had a functioning piano during the spring of 2010, the Greater Tiverton Community Chorus presented two concerts- Keyboards for Kids- a fund-raising project to provide enough money to either buy new or refurbish grand pianos for both school departments.  The concerts included singers from the middle school choruses in both towns.

In addition to the proceeds from the sale of concert tickets and several grants, representational “Piano Keys” were sold at a cost of $100 each.  The effort paid off and enough funds were raised to purchase a brand new grand piano for Westport High School and to refurbish the structurally sound Tiverton grand piano.  Both pianos are now in service.  GTCC is grateful for the support received from members of the area communities and grantss that helped ensure that music education continues for students of Westport and Tiverton.